Monday, August 22, 2016


I am honored to have been invited to participate in the 5 day Peace First Gathering recently in Boston. During this event 14 youth leaders/designers, ages 11 to 23, from around the country gathered to work with Peace First founder & CEO Eric Dawson and members of the Peace First staff to help expand the peacemaking initiatives of their non-profit organization. I was the second youngest designer in the group and enjoyed the opportunity to contribute and be a part of this mission to expand Peace First’s peacemaking initiative. Thank you to Eric for giving me this awesome opportunity!! I will continue to work with them as they launch the Peace First Challenge.

Thank you to City Year and The Boston Foundation for hosting the gathering and all the organizations and individuals that contributed to the gathering.

This fall Peace First will be launching an opportunity for young people from around the globe to join as a peacemaker to help make positive changes in the world. Introducing the Peace First Challenge - “A call to action to young people around the world to identify an injustice and solve it using the tools of peacemaking.” “We believe in the power of young people to change the world, not someday in the future, right now!” Please go to their website at to learn more about the opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a peacemaker go to the Manifesto Tab on their website where you can sign the Manifesto to make a commitment to become a peacemaker. Peace First will then reach out to you once the initiative is launched.

The Peace First Manifesto:
“The world is a harsh place. People are treated unfairly. People are scared. People get hurt. This matters because people matter. All people. I know I can’t be perfect. I know I cannot fix everything. But I can make a choice. I can choose to be a peacemaker. And I commit to making this choice, every day.”

As we have learned you are never too young to contribute and make a change in the world. Please reach out and be the change that you would like to see in the world!!

Kylee McCumber
Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz, Inc
August 2016

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