Saturday, December 27, 2014


                                                        YOUNG HEROES NIGHT 2014

Thank you to Mary Ellen Wessell of Children's Smile Coalition for honoring some of the members of Kylee's team!! Last year Kylee was awarded the Young Hero Award. This year some of the team members were honored. These girls deserve the recognition for their hard work, dedication and compassion! Kylee had to miss the event as she was traveling to Mumbai, India to film for the Unilever Project Sunlight ad campaign to end child hunger. Devon Grimley also missed the event but was recognized as a Young Hero.Thanks so much Mary Ellen for honoring these young people!!

Children's Smile Coalition, Inc.'s photo.

Olivia Gallo, Katerina Zahariadis, Lauren Fleury, Mia Losey, Noah Lis, Rachel Hinckley, Ava D'Eon and Chloe D'Eon.

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