Sunday, August 30, 2015


It is amazing how the kindness & generosity of one gentleman can multiply into having multiple individuals and companies helping to fight child hunger. I would like to share a story with you.
In December of 2014 Michael Rosenberg, the CEO and owner of Promotion in Motion in Somerset, NJ, the company that makes Welch's Fruit Snacks, reached out to me offering to help me with my mission to fight child hunger. He offered to send me monthly supplies of Welch's fruit snacks for the kare kits. But Michael didn't stop there. He then sent emails to some of his friends in the industry asking if they might be able to help.
Thanks to Michael Rosenberg another very kind and generous gentleman, Robert Taylor, the owner and CEO of Burdette Beckmann, Inc (also known as BBI) in Ft Lauderdale Florida then reached out to me. He offered to fly me and my grandmother to Ft Lauderdale where he wanted me to speak about my mission of fighting child hunger at his General Managers Meeting. After spending three days with Robert, his family and the BBI Team Robert joined us in the efforts to fight child hunger. Robert asked his NE Sales Manager, Jeff Terban, to see what he might be able to do to help us up here in NE.
Then Michael Rosenberg invited me and my grandmother to travel to Chicago for the snack food industries biggest trade show. We spent three days with Michael, his family, employees and some of his customers. At the trade show Lisa Eustic, the marketing director at Promotion in Motion, walked the trade show floor with me so I could tell my story to the companies that were there in hopes that some of them would help me. We made contacts from many companies over those three days and have received donations from Dan Zimmerman of MARS the makers of M&M's and Ted Cohen of Hillside Candies. We have commitments from several others as well.
After returning from Chicago one of Michael Rosenberg's employees Kim Wojtasik reached out to another company in Pennsylvania called Liberty. She was able to get donations for the kare kits sent to us too and Michael Rosenberg generously had them shipped to us.
Michael then reached out to one of his friends Elliott Penner the CEO of French's the makers of French's Potato Sticks. Mr. Penner is now sending us monthly supplies of French's Potato Sticks for the kare kits!!
Jeff Terban of Burdette Beckmann, Inc then invited us to meet him at Vistar in Windsor CT which is a company that distributes food to businesses in NE. There we met the President at Vistar, Mark Allen. Mark also agreed to try to help us in the mission to fight child hunger. Since meeting with them we have received donations from many different companies. The photos below are some of them. My grandmother and I will be attending another trade show at the end of September and are looking forward to making new contacts and getting to see some of the friends that we have made along this journey.
I wanted to share this story with you to remind everyone that there are many kind and generous people in the world and to thank everyone who has helped us. If Michael Rosenberg hadn't reached out to me back in December none of this would have happened. I will be forever grateful to him, his family, employees and all the wonderful friends he has introduced me too. It is because of all the wonderful people like them and the people in our community and beyond that Kylee's Kare Kits for Kidz can help so many children. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to help the kids. Thank you all!!


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