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We want to share some very exciting news with you all. Last winter Kylee was awarded the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Soon after Kylee was contacted by a non-profit organization Peace First Prize based out of Boston who had read about Kylee's mission from the press release for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. They asked Kylee to for their Peace First Prize. T

This prize will be awarded to 5 young people who do peacemaking work and are dedicated to making change in their communities and inspiring others to do the same. It is a two year fellowship with their organization and the opportunities are amazing!

In March Kylee submitted an application along with over 1100 other applicants. She was very honored to even have been invited to apply for this. In April she was notified that she was chosen as one of approximately 120 semi-finalists. Again she was thrilled to be included in that group. In June she was again contacted and informed that she was one of the 50 finalists!! Since then she has undergone interviews with staff from Peace First Prize as well as the president of the organization. It has truly been a great experience for Kylee.

Peace First Prize has asked that we share the information for their website so that all of you can go there to see all the fabulous young peacemakers. Kylee will not know if she is one of the five chosen until late September or early October. Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for her as the networking and mentoring opportunites that would go along with be chosen would be a fabulous opportunity for Kylee. We would like to thank everyone at Peace First Prize for giving Kylee this opportunity. Even if she is not chosen as one of their 5 winners she has already won by just being chosen to be one of 50 finalists out of over 1100 applicants.

The website is
Then click on 2014 Peace First Prize Finalists
You will find Kylee listed under the tab for ages 8-12. The list is alphabetical by first name.

We will keep you posted once we are notified of the winner!

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