Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The following letter was written by a Mom of one of the kare kits kidz! We wanted to share this with everyone to show how much it means to the families that someone kares  about their children and that it really does make a difference in the lives of the kare kits kidz!! This letter was posted to our Facebook page after the Ice Cream Social at the Days Inn/ Shelter on July 19, 2014.
We just wanted to say a huge Thank You to Kylee, her grandmother, her team of little ladies, and all of the volunteers that have come to the hotel/shelter on a few different occasions...the most recent was today when these amazing pre-teen and young teen girls came here with a bunch of donated toys and clothes, brand new little toys (bubbles, chalk, coloring books, etc.), along with a whole bunch ...of ice cream and fun games for all of the kids to play!!! I know everyone had a great time but speaking on behalf of my family only...we sincerely appreciate everything you guys not only did for us today but also what you've done for us since we first met you girls back on Mother's Day!! These girls brought a box of chocolates for every mother living here and that's how we learned about Kylee and her empathy for our children in this extremely hard situation we're all in right now!!! This young teen girl started this whole idea because she genuinely cares about less fortunate children!! Kylee...honey, you are so selfless and giving and have such a love for what you are wise beyond your years girl and I hope as you get older you
continue to love helping those in need and always set bigger and bigger goals because you've made a hugggge impression on me and my daughter (husband and son too ) and I would love for her to see all the good that you guys are doing,especially at such a young age, because she already
looks up to you and I couldn't have picked a better role model for her!! Never forget why you do these things girly because it would be a real tragedy to lose such a caring, smart, beautiful, and driven
little lady and all of your friends who you've inspired
to make a real difference and go above and beyond for our kids!!! You girls don't even really know our children but you still do everything you possibly can to help them get things that a lot of us parents can't always afford and as one of those parents, I can't even tell you how much we appreciate what you girls do!!! I don't think a big enough amount even exists to describe how much appreciation we honestly have!! Thank you Kylee..from the bottom of my heart!! Xoxo Melissa Norton Nelson

                                                         Kylee & Adrianna Nelson

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